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Reactive ageing agents for the environmentally friendly treatment of oakwood indoors.


Sprayable dispersion for coloured treatment of furniture components or floorboards, which have become worn out or aged.

Basic treatment


High-solid colour oil which protects and colourizes wooden furniture & stairs in just one application.

OLI NATURA Worktop-Oil

High-solid Countertop oil for solid wood furniture & kitchen countertops. Solvent free & food safe certified.

OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil »Classic«

Water-based parquet oil in raw wood effect, VOC-free, for residential parquet made of light hardwoods, softwoods and oak.


High solid Hardener component for OLI-NATURA HS Hardwax Oil and OLI-NATURA HS Professionals Oil to accelerate hardening and increase the resistance to chemicals.

OLI-NATURA Boiled Linseed Oil

Biological surface protection made of pure Linseed Oil with 0,4% dry substances for the treatment of wood in interior and exterior areas. Vegan and Solvent-free.


Oil-Wax combination for the basic treatment of wood furniture, wooden stairs and wooden floors indoors. In colourless.

OLI-NATURA 1c/2c HS Hard Wax Oil

Solvent-free 1K/2K high-solid Hard Wax Oil for the professional basic treament of heavily used floorboards, parquet, wood and cork floors, stairs and furniture surfaces in the indoors. Only one order, in colourless and in colour.

OLI-NATURA furniture wax

Colourless furniture wax with natural bees and carnauba wax for velvety soft wood surfaces.

OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil

Solvent-free high-solid oil for professional treatment of solid wood floors, wooden stairs & furniture. Available in colourless and coloured.

OLI-NATURA Project Oil

Deep-acting oil for basic treatment and care of floors, stairs, doors and furniture surfaces made of wood, cork and OSB. For interior in uncoloured or coloured.

Cleaning & Care

OLI-NATURA Wood soap

Wiping water additive for regular maintenance cleaning of oiled/waxed wooden surfaces

OLI-NATURA Wood-Refresher

Solvent-free Hydro-Oil to refresh and care for all open-pored oiled floors, stairs and furniture surface made of wood.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil

For refreshing and maintenance of all natural and white indoor oil treated wood surfaces.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax

For care and refreshing of all Hard Wax Oil treated floors, stairs and furniture surfaces made of wood in the interior. In colourless.

OLI-NATURA furniture wax

Colourless furniture wax with natural bees and carnauba wax for velvety soft wood surfaces.