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Sealer systems


OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC 51.30 I Two-component parquet sealer

Ultra-matt 2c water-based parquet sealer with a raw-wood-effekt. For heavy traffic parquet and wooden floors, indoor application.

OLI-AQUA TOP 51.20 I Two-component parquet sealer

Water-based 2c parquet floor sealer for floors subject to intensive wear, and for sports hardwood floorings.

Joint fillers & Primers


OLI-AQUA FIX FILL I Joint filler

Water-based joint filler liquid for filling joints in wood and parquet floors.

OLI-AQUA PRIME 15.81 I Roll-on primer

Water-based 1c roll-on primer for the preparation of wood and parquet surfaces.


Water-based gel for application by spattle as priming or intermediate coat.

Colourations & Effects



Reactive ageing agents for the environmentally friendly treatment of oakwood indoors.


Sprayable dispersion for coloured treatment of furniture components or floorboards, which have become worn out or aged.

Colourations & Effects


OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil

1k / 2k high solid oil for interior for professional basic treatment of strong durable flooring, parquet, wood and cork flooring. Clear or coloured.

OLI-NATURA Project Oil

Deep acting universal oil for indoors for basic treatment and maintenance of floors, stairs, doors and furniture surfaces made of wood, cork and osb board. Clear or coloured.

Care & Cleaning

OLI-AQUA CARE 15.94 I Parquet wipe care

Regular maintenance cleaning for waterproof sealed wood, parquet and cork floors.

OLI-AQUA POLISH 15.95 I Basic parquet care

Initial care and reconditioning for water-proof sealed parquet floors and stairs made of wood and cork

OLI-AQUA POLISHsport 15.96 I Sports floor care

Din-certified care product (according to din 18031 part 2) for initial care and maintenance of waterproof sealed sports flooring.

OLI-AQUA CLEAN 15.97 I Basic parquet cleaner

Mild basic cleaner for all waterproof sealed and oiled wood, parquet and cork floors.

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