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Clear Coat Systems


OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10 | 1C-Multi-coat varnish

Self-crosslinking, water-based 1C acrylic varnish with a very good price-performance ratio, suitable for the entire furniture industry, store and interior design and for painting chairs.

OLI-AQUA ECO T 18.26 I 1K Multilayer Lacquer

Very stable, water-based 1k clear acrylic lacquer for spray painting vertical surfaces and steps.

OLI-AQUA ECO M 18.27 I 1K Multilayer Lacquer

Water-based 1k clear acrylic lacquer with outstanding layerable stablity and very beautiful enhancement for the furniture paint series.

OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40 I 2C-raw wood effect lacquer

Ultra-matt water-based 2C-primer and topcoat for raw wood effect paintworks in the entire furniture and interior design

Clear Coat Systems


OLI-CRYL 25.50 | 2 Component Clear Coat

Solvent- and acrylic resin-based 2c clear coat for furniture surfaces subject to intensive wear.

OLI-CRYL 25.60 2 Component Raw Wood Effect-Laquer

Solvent- and pu/acrylic resin-based 2c clear coat producing a natural raw wood look on furniture surfaces subject to intensive wear

OLI-CRYL 25.80 I 2K High Gloss Laquer

Solvent-containing, highly transparent 2-component lacquer based on acrylic resin for particularly demanding, closed-pored high-gloss coatings.

OLI-KS 8.20 I 1c Hard Seal

Decopaint-compliant one-component hard sealer based on a combination of oxidatively drying oils and resins

Clear Coat Systems


OLI-UV 91.01 I Walzdecklack

UV-härtender Walzdecklack auf Basis ungesättigter Acrylatharze für Türen-, Parkett- und Möbeloberflächen.

OLI-UV 91.02 I Vakumatlack

UV-härtender, farbloser Vakumat-Einschichtlack auf Basis ungesättigter Acrylatharze für Leisten, Zargen, Profilelemente und sonstige Werkstücke, deren Geometrie den Vakumateinsatz erlauben.

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