• Tradition since 1899

  • Tradition since 1899

  • Tradition since 1899

  • Tradition since 1899

Oli Lacke GmbH

Oli Lacke GmbH maintains a long tradition of producing wood coatings. In our 100 years of company history, we have developed into a specialist for high-quality paints, stains, oils and waxes for industry and crafts. Decades of innovation have helped us advance further. We have repeatedly entered into new territories with plenty of commitment and a spirit of innovation. This includes, for example, the unique hybrid technology "OLI-NATURA NATEC" made of oxidative, drying natural oils and UV-curing binders, which combines instant UV curing with the depth protection effect and the appearance of a natural oil. 

Our Partners

Every year a growing number of customers is convinced of the quality of our products, in Germany and in other European countries. They include professional craftsmen and specialist dealers as well as processors from the furniture, stairs, parquet and wood industries. Our success gets around and so many well-known manufacturers trust the brand Oli. In addition, we serve quite different areas, such as contract manufacturing and the coating of plastic and metal surfaces.

Oli Lacke Paints & Stains

To ensure a clean future, the development of environmentally friendly paints is very important to us. Today, more than two-thirds of our paints and stains are water-based. The product range extends from rolling paint to UV- curable water-based spraying paints to physically drying complete structures for the door and furniture industry. Above all the "OLI-AQUA 15.88 I 1K-insulating filler" offers real added value to these manufacturers thanks to a diffusion-resistant binder. Also thanks to the latest development "OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10 I 1K-multi-layer paint", a splendid future is already looming on the horizon.

OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes

OLI-NATURA is our label for natural oils and waxes, which in addition to the wood crafts industry are highly valued by reputable manufacturers for the treatment of furniture and floorboards. Only natural renewable resources are used, which are processed in an elaborate process. Many crucial steps in the process are executed "per manum," therefore OLI-NATURA can also adorn itself with the title MANUFACTORY. Our main focus is particularly on the "OLI-NATURA oils & waxes" with a high solid content of almost 100%, which can be used to speed up hardening with the environmentally friendly OLI-NATURA hardener. 


From development to production to marketing, there is an uncompromising focus on the premium standard. Every single employee at Oli Lacke GmbH is responsible for ensuring this premium quality. It is a strategy that clearly aims at healthy growth and the highest standards for the absolute satisfaction of our customers. At the same time, the essential characteristics of "Made in Germany" are incorporated into each of our products. Therefore all products are inspected in the in-house research and development department with regard to these quality standards before they reach the customer. This customer and process-oriented structure is audited and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


We wholeheartedly strive to offer our clients absolute quality and high-quality service. In addition to attractive offers and tailor-made conditions, uncomplicated processes, on-time deliveries and solution-oriented advice await you. This includes technical application support as well as the development of customer-specific coatings for the industrial production of surfaces. High process reliability, short lead times and the ability to respond to the specificity of a plant in a tailor-made manner are promises by which we like to measure ourselves.