OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes

OLI-NATURA is our label for natural oils and waxes, which are highly valued by reputable manufacturers for the treatment of furniture and floorboards, in addition to the wood crafts industry. Only raw materials which are non-toxic and harmless to health are used, such as fine linseed oil or carnauba wax, which are refined in a complex process. Many crucial steps in the process are executed „per manum,“ therefore OLI-NATURA can also adorn themselves with the title MANUFACTORY.



At OLI-NATURA, we pay high regard to the use of high quality and natural raw materials such as linseed oil or carnauba wax. Therefore, our oils & waxes ensure robust, water- and dirt-repellent surfaces and, at the same time, bring a beautiful look and feel to the wood.

For a clean future, the development of environmentally-friendly surface protection products for the treatment of wood is of particular importance. We pursue this goal with oxidative drying "OLI-NATURA oils & waxes", which aid environmental and climate protection, and the health and wellbeing of people through their material properties. The products are based on renewable raw materials with a high content of vegetable oils and waxes.  All "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" bearing the abbreviation "HS" as part of their name, have a high solid content of almost 100%. Where a solvent content is required for the application, only high purity medical-grade Isopar is used, which is colloquially referred to as surgical spirit.

"OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" are used by hand or with machine for the treatment of furniture, stairs and floorboards on almost all types of wood. They create very durable and easy to clean surfaces which feature excellent resistance to household chemicals and liquids. They also allow the wood to breathe, which positively affects the indoor climate. When it comes to speed, the high-solid oils & waxes can be processed with the OLI-NATURA hardener additive.  The surface treated in this way is completely hardened within one day. 


The "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" protect the wood from the inside and welcome you to examine and touch it with its appearance and smooth feel. The transparent oil gives the wood a natural and colour-enhancing appearance, the pores remain open, and the grain stands out beautifully. The coloured oils bring the natural colour out of the wood. Their pigments retain the form and structure of the wood, and therefore lend the desired colour to the surface. The colour palette ranges from black through various shades of grey to polar white. In addition, the coloured oils can be mixed together, so the user can also create their own colours.

All "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" are developed and manufactured by us. Many crucial steps are carried out "by hand." Our aim is to incorporate the essential characteristic, "Made in Germany", in our products. In order to keep this promise of quality, each product is examined in our in-house research and development department with regard to these quality standards before it reaches the customer. It is a matter of course that "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" contain neither biocidal active substances nor preservatives, and are produced without cobalt-containing compounds or oximes. Once hardened, the material is safe for humans, animals and plants. All "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" comply with the standards DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys) and DIN 53160 (resistance to perspiration and saliva). At the same time, our floor oils are approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) as construction products.


In order that "OLI-NATURA Oils & Waxes" impregnated furniture, flooring or stairs are sure to last and give pleasure for many years, they need a little attention. You will need to take just a few maintenance measures to keep the surface in a fine condition permanently. Oil treated wood should be constantly refreshed with "OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil", while hard wax oil treated surfaces should be refreshed with "OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax". Regular wiping with "OLI-NATURA Wood Soap" ensures rapid cleanliness and moisturises the surfaces.