OLI-NATURA 1c/2c HS Hard Wax Oil

Solvent-free 1K/2K high-solid Hard Wax Oil for the professional basic treament of heavily used floorboards, parquet, wood and cork floors, stairs and furniture surfaces in the indoors. Only one order, in colourless and in colour.

  • Professional quality: 100% high-solid hard wax oil for maximum wood saturation with only one application
  • Solvent-free, fast curing in colourless and in colour
  • Combines properties of oil and wax: The oil protects from the inside, the wax forms a durable surface film
  • Chemical resistant, breathable, easy to clean, easy to repair
  • For untreated, open-pore oiled or newly sanded wood types, especially suitable for solid wood floors/boards
  • Can be processed with OLI-NATURA HS Hardener to accelerate the curing
  • A construction product approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)
  • Suitable for children's toys, saliva and perspiration resistant, cobalt/oxime free


OLI-NATURA 1c/2c HS Hard Wax Oil

The product

Naturally setting the tone! OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c hard wax oil in colorless and colored with a high solid content of almost 100%. It produces extremely resistant, dirt and water repellent as well as healthy wooden surfaces with just one oil application. While the oil protects the wood from the inside, the wax forms a durable, silky-matte surface film that is breathable, easy to clean and easy to repair. To accelerate through hardening and increase the resistance to chemicals, the HS hard wax oil can be processed with the OLI-NATURA HS hardener, so that the surface is fully hardened within one day. 

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  • Order notes
  • Testing standards
  • Application description

Nature/uncoloured (A01400), Basalt (A04349), Tobacco (A04383), Barrique (A04384), Smoky (A04385), Alaska grey (A04351), Glacier grey (A04386), Lime white (A04387), Polar white (A04350), Teak (A04348), Walnut (A04388), Wenge (A04389)


2,5 litres, 1 litre Optional hardener: 250 ml, 100 ml


Optional: OLI-NATURA hardener (ratio 10:1)


1 coats I 20-40 g/sqm per coat (25-50 sqm/l), depending on the absorptivity of the surface


Microfiber roller (5 mm), oil brush or flat brush, beige pad, white pad

  • EU – Decopaint Directive
  • Z-157.10- 17 (low-emission; certified construction product in accordance with DIBt standards)
  • DIN 71-3 (safety of toys)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat proof)
  • Free of formaldehyde and aromatic compounds
  • Without biocidal substances and preservatives

Processing recommendation

The surface must be finely sanded (start with coarse sandpaper - final sanding for floors grit 100-150, furniture grit 180-240) as wll as clean, dry, and free of grease and dust. Shake/stir the container well before use. Optionally, the oil can be processed with OLI-NATURA HS Hardener in a ratio of 10:1. After mixing the colourless oil has a pot life of 2-3 hours, the colour oil 1-2 hours.


In the furniture sector:

  • Apply oil with a flat brush evenly and thinly in the direction of the grain. After 30 minutes in the wet phase, buff it in with white or beige pad until the surface appears evenly matt. Remove any excess oil with a cotton cloth. Alternatively, the oil can also be sanded into the wood with a soaked, fine grinding fleece. After a short time remove any excess oil with a cotton cloth. The surface should appear evenly matt.


In the parquet sector:

  • Apply sections of oil for 5-10 m² evenly and thinly with microfibre roller, oil applicator, oil brush or flat brush. After 30-60 minutes, buff it in with a beige pad by buffing machine until the wood is saturated and appears evenly matt. For final polish and for possible excess oil remove, polish with a polishing pad/cotton cloth.


Consumption: 1 coats | depending on on the type of wood approx. 20-40 g/m² per coat (25-50 m²/l)


Drying: Depending on the air humidity and temperature, the oiled surface will be dust-dry after 1-2 hours and fully hardened after 2-3 days (24 hours for the 2K-HS Hard Wax). Protect the surface from water during this time.


Notes: Cloths, pads or wood dust soaked with oil can spontaneously ignite due to heat build-up, therefore please clean immediately after use or store underwater.

OLI-NATURA 1c/2c HS Hard Wax Oil


The oil is FREE of preservatives, biocides, cobalt and oxime. The cured material is safe for humans, animals and plants. It complies with DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys), DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration) and is a building product approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

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Care & cleaning

In order for the oiled surface to remain beautiful for a long time, they need a little love. Regular moist care with »OLI-NATURA wood soap« ensures fast cleanliness. With "OLI-NATURA wood care wax" the wood is constantly re-freshed. It forms an easy-care surface film, compensates for slight damage, is antistatic and therefore attracts little dust. In addition, the hard-wax oil-treated surface can be reworked well. The damaged scratch can be partially sanded and oiled.

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OLI-NATURA 1c/2c HS Hard Wax Oil

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