OLI NATURA Worktop-Oil

High-solid Countertop oil for solid wood furniture & kitchen countertops. Solvent free & food safe certified.

  • Based on linseed & tung oil - suitable for kitchens & bathrooms.
  • 100% HIGH-SOLID: Solvent-free for professional use
  • FOOD-SAFE-CERTIFIED: suitable for the food industry
  • RESISTANT: Water-repellent & hard-wearing - for residential & commercial areas such as restaurants & canteens Abrasion resistant and deeply coloured
  • NATURAL APPEARANCE: Colour intensifying & matt optic
  • EFFICIENT: Depending on the absorbency of the wood, approx. 20-40 ml/m² - per application approx. 25-50 m²/litre
OLI NATURA Worktop-Oil

The product

Our solvent-free OLI-NATURA Worktop-Oil combines linseed & tung oil in a perfect ratio. It is especially recommended for the basic treatment & care of heavily used solid wood surfaces with frequent water contact like in the kitchen & bathroom (kitchen countertops, furniture & dining tables, washstands in wet areas). The LFGB certification (food safe) allows the use without concern in food areas (restaurants, hotels, canteens, kindergartens, schools).


Thanks to its high tung oil content, it has a strong water-repellence, which makes the surface extremely resistant. In addition, the wood remains open to diffusion and therefore can regulate the humidity in the room. The oiled surface appears pleasantly revitalized, and the colour is amplified. In addition, the Worktop-Oil dries with a low gloss, which underlines the high value of the natural oil surface.


With OLI-NATURA Worktop-Oil you work solvent-free. In order to make optimal use of the high-solids content of 100%, we recommend "mechanically" massaging the worktop oil into the wood, preferably by hand with a beige pad or with an orbital sander. The excess must then be removed and polished out. This method is very efficient for flat surfaces such as tabletops & countertops because it saturates the wood to its depth, which increases its resistance.


Since the base treatment can always be replenished by re-oiling, such surfaces are one of the most resistant and easy to repair. 

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NATURE (non-pigmented)

Container sizes:

0,5 litre (Art A05009_RH) 0,25 litre (Art A05009_TA) 2,5 litre (Art A05009_RG)


1 coat | Depending on the sanding & absorbency of the substrate 20-40 g/m² per coat (25-50 m²/l)


Pad beige, Oil absorbent cloth

  • DIN 71-3 (safety of children's toys)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and perspiration resistant)
  • LFGB certified (food safe) according to (EC) No.: 1935/2004
  • FREE of formaldehyde, aromatics, biocides, preservatives, cobalt and oximes


Sand wood surface carefully, start with coarse sanding, final sanding with grit 180-240. Wood moisture should be 8-12%. The surface must be dry, free of grease, thoroughly cleaned and free of sanding dust. Apply material at room temperature.


TIP: If possible, neutralize woods containing tannic acid, such as oak, before oiling. For this purpose, wipe the surface with OLI-NATURA Wood-Cleaner and a wrung-out cotton bale quickly with a damp cloth and allow to dry for at least 4 hours. Then trim protruding wood fibres with a 220-240 grit sanding sponge.



  • Shake/stir container thoroughly before use.
  • Massage the oil in with a beige pad by hand or an orbital sander until surface is evenly coated. Add oil if areas are too dry.
  • Within 30 minutes, remove excess oil with a cotton cloth or an oil absorbent cloth and buff out. The surface should appear dry to the touch. 
  • If necessary, polish again the following day with a white polishing pad or cotton or oil absorbent cloth and a little oil (5-10 ml/m²).

TIP:  For large surfaces, the oil can also be first distributed with a drawing spatula made of synthetic material or stainless steel and then massaged in with pad within 30 minutes as described.

For smaller surfaces or components with unfavourable geometry, the oil can also be applied directly with a soaked cotton cloth and then wiped off.


CONSUMPTION: 1 application, depending on the absorbency of the wood approx. 20-40 ml/m² per application (approx. 25-50 m²/l).

DRYING: Depending on humidity/temperature, the surface is dust-dry after 1-2 hours and fully cured after 5-7 days. During this time, protect from water and treat gently.

STORABILITY: Unopened at least 36 months.



NOTE: Oil-soaked rags/pads may self-ignite due to heat build-up! Therefore, spread them out flat to dry immediately after use or store them under water. The product itself is of course not self-igniting.

Must not get into the hands of children.


Modified plant oils: linseed oil, tung oil, castor oil, lead-free & cobalt-free drier, oxime-free anti-skin agent, silica.

Materials contaminated with the product such as cleaning rags, paper cleaning cloths and protective clothing may spontaneously self-ignite after several hours. Therefore, spread them out to dry immediately after use or store them under water.

Keep out of the reach of children.

OLI NATURA Worktop-Oil


The solvent-free OLI-NATURA Worktop-Oil is based on modified, unsaturated plant oils such as linseed oil and tung oil.  When exposed to oxygen, the oil molecules cross-link and harden viscoelastic inside the wood.

The formulation does not contain biocidal agents or preservatives and is manufactured without cobalt-containing compounds as well as oximes. It has been tested and certified in accordance with the applicable provisions of the German Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code (LFGB) and Regulation (EG) No. 1935/2004 and can therefore be used without concern on wood surfaces that come into contact with food.

The cured material is harmless to humans, animals and plants. It complies with the highest Giscode group Ö10+, DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys) and DIN 53160 (saliva and perspiration fastness) and is LFGB certified.

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Care & Cleaning

Oiled wooden furniture & worktop are undoubtedly not just for looking at. They want to be used and deserve some attention now and then. It is important to care and foster the surface properly. Here are some tips:


Even if the surface has already received a basic treatment with our Worktop-Oil when purchased, it is recommended to treat the surface with Worktop-Oil before use. Simply polish with a beige or white polishing pad, cotton or oil absorbent cloth and a little oil (5-10 ml/m²).


Regular dusting should be the main method of cleaning. For light soiling, it is usually sufficient to wipe the surface with a damp cotton cloth and then wipe dry.

Stubborn dirt can be removed gently with our "OLI-NATURA Wood Soap" - diluted in water or pure, depending on the degree of soiling. Never use all-purpose or conventional household cleaners, as these can leach out the wood and weaken the protection.


Avoid prolonged residing wetness as well as a build-up of moisture. Liquids such as water, wine, coffee or fruit juices should be wiped away as quickly as possible. Hot cooking pots or similar items also do not belong on the wooden tabletop without a coaster.


To maintain the protective effect, the Worktop-Oil should be re-oiled occasionally. To do this, simply apply a little "OLI-NATURA Worktop-Oil" to a white pad or clean cloth and massage the surface with gentle pressure and circular movements.

How often you need to re-oil depends mainly on the wear of the surface. A wooden cabinet certainly needs less attention here than a countertop.

Prime indicators for a surface needing care are: water repellence wearing off, the depth of colour fading, or the surface feeling dry and brittle. In those cases, a retreatment should be done soon.


When using the Colour-Oil, surfaces can be partially refinished. Superficial scratches are simply sanded out without having to completely re-impregnate the entire surface. After the repair, these areas are then simply re-oiled with the "OLI-NATURA Worktop-Oil".

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OLI NATURA Worktop-Oil

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