OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil

For refreshing and maintenance of all natural and white indoor oil treated wood surfaces

  • Care oil for wood based on linseed oil, to maintain and refresh all oiled wood and cork floors, staircases and furniture surfaces
  • Cares and regenerates, lends depth and luminosity to contested oil-surfaces once again and prolongs the lifetime of oiled wood
  • Deepens the natural colour of the wood 
  • Easy to apply with a cotton cloth, a white pad or spray
  • High yield: 1 litre is sufficient for coating a surface area of about 75 m²
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly, suitable for use on toys, no preservatives or fragrances
OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil

The product

OLI-NATURA Care Oil is specifically designed for the reconditioning and care of oiled furniture, stairs, wood, parquet and cork flooring. It is equally suitable for factory-oiled surfaces (preliminary test required). The wood care oil has both a regenerating and care effect, levels out smaller defects and gives the wood back its beauty and brilliance. It is anti-static and provides a reliable protection against water and dirt. It can be applied on the entire surface as well as partially. While OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil ‘Nature’ is used for uncoloured oiled surfaces, OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil ‘White’ is applied on white oiled ones. 


Tip: If the floor or the furniture has been treated on the factory with a film-forming UV oil, the care oil can not penetrate into the wood. In case of doubt, simply place a sample surface in a hidden place.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil


The product is free of biocidal substances, preservatives, cobalt and oxime. The fully hardened material is non-hazardous for  humans, plants and animals. It is saliva and sweat proof according to DIN 53160 and meets the DIN EN 71-3 standard (safety of toys).



  • Order notes
  • Testing standards
  • Application description

Nature/uncoloured (A01395), white (A01396)


1 litre, 250 ml (only nature)


Depending on the area of application and absorptivity of the substrate: 10-20 g/sqm per application / 1 litre is sufficient for circa 50-100 sqm.


sprayer, cotton cloth, white pad

  • DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat proof)
  • Free of formaldehyde and aromatic compounds
  • Without biocidal substances and preservatives
  1. The surface must be clean, dry, and free of dust. For regular mopping and removing stubborn stains, use OLI-NATURA Wood Soap. 
  2. Shake container well before use. Give wood care oil on a white pad or cotton cloth and buff it into the surface (10-20 g/m²). Remove excess oil with a dry cotton cloth after a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  3. For large surfaces, apply evenly with a sprayer or a waxing mop. After 10 minutes polish it in by hand with a white or use a single-disc machine. 
  4. Allow the surface to dry for at least 12 hours. Do not use a wet mop on it for the first few days.


Note: Cloths, pads or wood dust soaked with oil can spontaneously ignite due to heat build-up, therefore please clean immediately after use or store under water.

Care & cleaning

DRY CLEANING: Daily cleaning of oiled / hard wax oil-treated floors should be carried out dry with a broom or vacuum cleaner, as sand and dust act like sandpaper and can cause fine scratches. Loose dust on furniture surfaces can be easily removed with a cloth.


WET CLEANING: For regular cleaning with water, the mild „OLI-NATURA wood soap“ is ideal. It is specifically designed for the needs of oiled / hard wax oil-treated hardwood floors, floorboards, wooden stairs and furniture surfaces, and ensures rapid cleanliness and restoration of oil without leaching or attacking the wood.

APPLICATION: Shake well before use! Pour OLI-NATURA wood soap at a ratio of 1:200 into lukewarm water, wipe surface and leave to dry. Finished!  For stubborn stains, do not dilute before use. Wipe off with water afterwards. Mixture: 25 ml to 5 litres / 50 ml to 10 litres.


RESTORATIVE TREATMENT AND MAINTENANCE: From time to time the oiled or hard wax oil-treated wood should be given some restorative treatment and maintenance. This will renew the protective effect and buff out slight scratches. Previously hard wax oil-treated surfaces should be treated at regular intervals with „OLI-NATURA wood care wax“. Oiled wood, however, should be restored with „OLI-NATURA wood care oil“. The entire surface can be treated, but it is also possible to treat only specific areas.  After such treatment, the wood is anti-static and thus attracts little dust.

APPLICATION: The surface must be totally clean, dry, and free from dust and grease before treatment. 

1.1 Full-surface restorative treatment for parquet: Apply approximately 10-20 g/m² (50-100 m²/l) of OLI-NATURA wood care oil or wood care wax thinly and evenly with a mop or a sprayer; allow to take effect for a short time (max. 10 minutes) and polish in with a white pad by hand or with a polishing machine. 1.2. Partial restorative treatment for parquet: Soak a white pad with wood care oil or wood care wax (10-20 g / m²) and rub in. Remove any excess with a dry cotton cloth after a maximum of 10 minutes. 

2.0. Restorative treatment for stairs: Soak a white pad with OLI-NATURA wood care oil or wood care wax (10-20 g / m²) and rub in. Remove any excess with a dry cotton cloth after a maximum of 10 minutes. 

3.0. Restorative treatment for furniture: Pour OLI-NATURA wood care oil or wood care wax onto a clean, lint-free cotton cloth and apply evenly and thinly along the grain. Remove any excess with a dry cotton cloth after a maximum of 10 minutes.


Note: Let the impregnated surface dry for a minimum of 12 hours, preferably overnight. Do not wet wipe for the first few days. In the case of sensitive surfaces, test first on an inconspicuous area.


Important: Oil soaked cloths / pads may spontaneously combust due to heat accumulation. They should therefore be cleaned or soaked in water immediately after use.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil

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OLI-NATURA Wood soap

Gentle wood soap for all indoor oiled and waxed wood surfaces. It has a pleasant fragrance and ensures quick and cleaning and moisturising, without the wood surface drying out.

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