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Cleaning & Care

OLI-NATURA Wood soap

Wiping water additive for regular maintenance cleaning of oiled/waxed wooden surfaces

OLI-NATURA Wood-Refresher

Solvent-free Hydro-Oil to refresh and care for all open-pored oiled floors, stairs and furniture surface made of wood.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil

For refreshing and maintenance of all natural and white indoor oil treated wood surfaces.

OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax

For care and refreshing of all Hard Wax Oil treated floors, stairs and furniture surfaces made of wood in the interior. In colourless.

OLI-NATURA furniture wax

Colourless furniture wax with natural bees and carnauba wax for velvety soft wood surfaces.

OLI-NATURA Wood outdoor cleaner

For the intensive basic cleaning of wooden yacht decks, terraces and garden furniture.