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Lacquer Systems


OLI-AQUA Lackfarbe 23034 - water-based lacquer paint -

Fast drying one-component acrylate water-based lacquer paint with very good initial water resistance and excellent gloss and colour stability.

Lacquer Systems

Synthetic resin based

OLI-KH 1K Lackfarbe 13138 - synthetic resin lacquer paint -

Alkyd resin based lacquer paint for industrial coatings in machine and plant construction subject to normal and intensive wear.

OLI-PUR-CRYL 2K Lackfarbe 13343 - two-component lacquer paint -

Fast drying two-component PU / acrylate solvent-based lacquer paint with excellent gloss and colour stability for monocoat and multi-coat systems in the interior and exterior.

Lacquer Systems

Epoxy resin based

OLI-EP 2K Dickschichtlackfarbe F 18251 - two-component thick film lacquer paint -

Two-component, high solid, epoxy resin based thick film lacquer paint for the use in the interior and as outside undercoat, for coating systems with particularly high chemical wear. (Licensed according to the German Railway specification TL 918 300, page 40)

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