OILED and hard wax oil-treated wood furniture, stairs and parquet flooring bring a sense of naturalness to the apartment, and are resistant and non-sensitive. You will need to take just a few maintenance measures to keep the surface in a fine condition permanently.

Dust, for example, can be easily wiped off with a dry, or possibly moist, cloth. Never use a wet cloth. Parquet floors, in contrast, should be vacuumed or swept daily, as sand and dust can cause small scratches.

FAST CLEANING: Normal dirt can be removed very quickly with the milder „OLI-NATURA Wood Soap.“ It is designed for regular damp cleaning of hard wax oil-treated and oiled wooden surfaces, and ensures rapid cleaning and moisturising. Simply add wood soap to water (25 ml to 5 litres), wipe and dry the surface - done. To remove stubborn dirt stains, treat with pure soap, then rinse with water. Conventional household cleaners should never be used because they dry out the wood and can damage the surface protection. In addition, a level of humidity which is too high should generally be avoided.

FOR LOVE OF THE WOOD: From time to time the oiled or waxed wood should be refreshed and maintained. This will renew the protective effect and buff out slight scratches. Surfaces which have already been treated with hard wax should be treated at regular intervals with „OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax“. Oiled wood, however, should be refreshed with „OLI-NATURA Wood Care Oil“. For small pieces of furniture, use a little cleaning fluid on a lint-free cotton cloth and wipe over the surface which needs to be maintained. Use the wood care oil sparingly on a white pad for the rejuvenation of wooden stairs, then spread this over the surface and remove the excess after a few minutes with a cloth. To maintain parquet flooring and floorboards, wood care oil can be applied thinly and evenly with a spray, and polished either by hand or by single disc machine after a short amount of contact time, using a white pad. After such treatment, the wood becomes anti-static and therefore attracts little dust. Moreover, oiled or waxed surfaces can be reworked easily, which is not possible with coated surfaces. The area concerned can easily be partially sanded and oiled.

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