You see surfaces and you touch them. That’s why the new OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil from Oli Lacke GmbH now offers you the chance to have perfect wood surfaces to look at and to touch, and that feature superb hardwearing qualities.

  • Pleasantly silky touch and natural look
  • Highly resistant surface
  • 1-2 coats with and without polishing are possible
  • Free of labeling obligations and DiBt-certified
  • In packagings of 1 l, 3 l and 30 l

The new OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil subtly emphasizes the characteristic colour of the wood and gives it a silky feel.


Natural protection

OLI-NATURA HARD WAX OIL is made with plant oils, resins and waxes such as carnauba wax, probably the hardest natural wax, and has an excellent resistance to wear and tear. This hard wax oil consistently performed outstandingly well in stain-resistance tests in comparison with household chemicals and liquid products. Depending on the area of application, the material is applied evenly and thinly by brush, roller or airbrush in one or two coats. Even a single application will result in a good saturation of the wood and an even surface that looks quite a lot shinier without being buffed up.When thoroughly polished by pad while the surface is still wet, the hard wax oil will be worked in deeper, and the surface will retain a natural matt finish evident to the touch. For a coloured design, the surface can be pre-treated with coloured OLI-NATURA Project Oils.


Universally natural in just 1-2 coats

OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil can be applied either in a single coat or two coats, by hand or by machine. Depending on the final sanding and the absorbtivity of the wood, about 40 g/m² per coat are sufficient. This corresponds to around 25 m² per litre for one coat and 13 m² for two coats. The surface will take 2–3 days to finish hardening if the room temperature and humidity level provide ideal conditions. During this time, it should not be brought into contact with water.


Application by brush

For pre-assembled furniture or worktops, for example, an even film of OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil can be applied in one coat, using a flat brush and following the direction of the grain. Any excess oil must be removed immediately with a lint-free cloth.

Application by roller

For the basic treatment by hand of parquet floors, two evenly applied thin coats are recommended, using a microfiber roller, a flat brush or a floor brush. After the first coat, allow a residence time of around 30–45 minutes before using a floor-polishing machine with a pad to remove any residue. The floor should then be allowed to dry out for around 6 hours before the second coat is applied. A final polish will give it that bit extra for a professional touch.

Application by spray gun

For the serial coating of furniture or stairs, the use of a compressed-air cup spray gun is recommended for spraying the Hard Wax Oil, at one go, requiring 40 g/m².

Application by roller coating machine

For an industrial surface coating on roller coating machines, e.g. of wooden floorboards, around 15 g/m² per coat should be enough.



Guaranteed to be natural

OLI-NATURA Hard Wax Oil is an oxidatively drying oil subject to stringent tests and quality controls. It contains neither biocidal substances nor preservatives. The material in its hardened state is harmless to humans, animals and plants. It meets the DIN EN 71-3 standard (safety for toys) and is saliva and sweat proof in accordance with DIN 53160. The hard wax oil is approved by the DIBt (the German approval body for non-regulated construction products) making it also suitable for use in the flooring sector.

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