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The contemporary spirit revives anew long forgotten craftsmanship. Natural raw materials, such as wood, are rediscovered and processed into fine, unique furniture, bowl or cutting board. Hence more and more manufacturers and wood workers treats the wood with to the OLI-NATURA boiled linseed oil because it is for many the most natural and beautiful way to protect the wood.

Manufactories are in demand again and "handmade" is a coveted brand. This leads many carpenters and cabinet makers back to the workbench. Because a custom made and solid table, chair or chest from old craftsmanship from are functional and simply beautiful to look at. Solid furniture made of naturally grown and treated wood, which by no means must be perfect. After all, branching, colour differences and wood grain make each stool a unique piece on which you would be pleased to sit. It is a piece of nature that is brought in from outside.

OLI-NATURA Leinöl-Firnis

Boiled linseed oil meets the contemporary spirit

However, you do not have to be a carpenter to treat a wooden bowl, the cutting board or the table with the »OLI-NATURA boiled linseed oil«. More and more DIY enthusiasts plunge the brush into the pure cold-pressed linseed oil to give a natural finish to the wood surface. If you want to use the green and vegan surface protection, you want a coating harmless to people and animals which places no burden on nature. The honey-coloured visual appearance and the velvety feel invite you to look and touch. In addition to their homely appeal, the wood furniture treated with the linseed oil also provide for a good room atmosphere. The wood can breathe, its pores remain open. It can absorb moisture from the air and release it again when the room air is dry. The treated wood surface is easy to freshen up with the linseed oil and easy to touch up. Stains or scratches are simply sanded away and new treated.

Nature needs time!

Many decades pass before a tree becomes a piece of furniture. Many trees often have more than a hundred years of life until they become a cupboard, table or chair. For this reason alone, a little patience and time should be spent on surface treatment. The boiled linseed oil is a natural product that cures with the assistance of the oxygen contained in the air. Depending on the humidity and the temperature, the oil needs up to three weeks for complete curing. The drying process is recognisable by the characteristic linseed oil odour. Either it is "love at the first scent" or you wrinkle your nose. However, the smell is completely safe and disappears when the oil has been cured.

Easy application of boiled linseed oil

The boiled linseed oil is best applied with a cotton cloth or brush so that the entire surface is glossy moistened. After about thirty minutes, the wet oil left on the surface is simply removed with a lint-free cloth. This procedure can be repeated after 24 hours. Two to three application are mostly sufficient to achieve the desired visual appearance or saturation of the wood. It is important that the coating is uniformly thin, because if the layer thickness is too high, the oil does not cure properly and you remain in the truest sense of the word glued to the surface. In this case the wood is saturated and it cannot absorb any more oil. Special attention is needed for oil-impregnated cloths, pads or brushes, which can be ignited by heat build-up! These can be easily cleaned after use or stored under water.

Traditional protection that your wood trusts

Centuries-old knowledge and handed-on traditions flows into the production of the boiled linseed oil from OLI-NATURA. It is exclusively produced from cold-pressed linseed oil and 0.4 % drying agents in a gentle boiling process. It does not, of course, contain any solvents, aromatics, preservative substances or cobalt-containing compounds. The result is a biological and vegan coating which can be used unhesitatingly on panelling, doors, furniture items and worktops. Even for the treatment of children's toys and objects which come into contact with foodstuffs, the »OLI-NATURA boiled linseed oil« is ideally suited.

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