Noble and white: the name Brüchert + Kärner stands for exclusive interior doors of premium quality. Each one is a masterpiece of craftsmanship – the doors are not produced on the assembly line, but skilled workers care for their style and finishing touch. They make beautiful doors with a soul. You can see the quality of those doors at first glance – a quality that persists over the years. The Oli Lacke finishes contribute to this quality.

The „control center“ and „think tank“ of Brüchert + Kärner is located in a reconstructed industrial building directly at the waterfront of one of Hamburg’s many channels. The two production sites are coordinated from here. Brüchert + Kärner is known worldwide for its door design of paramount quality, and sets the benchmark for material, processing, functionality and design. Only if all these production components are in balance, the doors meet the demands of the top manufacturer and are true to the motto ‘beautiful doors’. This is the company’s credo, and its success proves it right.



Finest craftsmanship

Twelve different styles are separated into four product ranges. The names of the single lines reveal the doors’ styles: from all classic to cool and noble, stylish and new in old grandeur. One of the company’s main principles is to preserve the good taste instead of following short-lived trends. The clients’ individual demands are taken into consideration while doing credit to the compatibility of the style of the door and architecture.



Brüchert + Kärner doors – no products of the assembly line

The largest part of the production are doors with white finished surfaces. They are coated all around in one step – by hand. Chamfered edges are preserved in their contours and milled profiles show clearly and cleanly. In this field, Brüchert + Kärner has been counting on the expertise of the surface specialist Oli Lacke for many years now.



High-quality coating setup – the road to success

The water-based one-component insulating filler „OLI-AQUA 15.88“ is sprayed twice directly to the MDF substrate. Due to its highly diffusion proof and elastic binder, it guarantees the dimensional stability of MDF boards remarkably better than common hydro insulating fillers. The high-performance premium filler thus eliminates the danger of subsequent fissures in the coat at high edges and deeply milled profiles. Its stability allows for high coat thicknesses after only a short “pre-spraying” – even at strong edges, and without sagging. For the top coats Brüchert + Kärner uses a first-class customized pigmented two-component water-based lacquer that is applied once by airmix spray gun and particularly excels in producing sharp contours at edges. 

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