Water-based kit for individual stain withdrawal on-site.

  • 1 Main stain and 4 Stain concentrates for mixing individual wood colors
  • Suitable for all fine and coarse-pored soft and hardwoods
  • For brilliant, equalizing or rustic effects
  • Spraying / spreadable, after 5 hours overpaintable with all OLI-water / solvent-based lacquers

The product

Compact, aqueous stain mixes from 4 colour concentrates and a colourless original stain, with which to quickly, easily, individually and to a large extent mix all desired wood colours. The stain series OLI-AQUA EASY MIX is suitable for all standard fine- and coarse-pored hard- and softwoods. Brilliant, smoothening or expressive rustic effects can be achieved depending on the intensity of the mixture and the method of application. For spraying and painting. 

Colors & Blends

  • OLI-AQUA EASY MIX Main stain – transparent
  • OLI-AQUA EASY MIX Stain concentrate – Wenge
  • OLI-AQUA EASY MIX Stain concentrate – Oak-rustic
  • OLI-AQUA EASY MIX Stain concentrate – Mahogany
  • OLI-AQUA EASY MIX Stain concentrate – Walnut

Colors:Wenge Basis-Farbton, Wenge 1:7 Main Stain, Wenge 1:40 Main Stain, Nussbaum Basis-Farbton, walnut 1:7 Main Stain, Walnut 1:40 Main Stain, Mahogany Basis-Farbton, Rustic Oak Basis-Farbton, Mahogany 1:7 Main Stain, Mahogany 1:40 Main Stain, Rustic Oak 1:7 Main Stain, Rustic Oak 1:40 Main Stain

Wenge Basis-FarbtonWenge 1:7 Main StainWenge 1:40 Main StainNussbaum Basis-Farbtonwalnut 1:7 Main StainWalnut 1:40 Main StainMahogany Basis-FarbtonRustic Oak Basis-FarbtonMahogany 1:7 Main StainMahogany 1:40 Main StainRustic Oak 1:7 Main StainRustic Oak 1:40 Main Stain
  • Order notes
  • Application description
Container sizes:

5 litres of natural stain, 1 litre of stain concentrate

 Surface preparation: 

  • The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned, and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.
  • Graduated wooden sanding with grit size 150/180. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens.


Spray application without brushing:

Preferably applicable to fine-pored hardwoods such as beech, maple, cherry wood or absorbent softwoods such as pine and spruce.

  • Spray evenly and crosswise with a cup gun (1.2 - 1.5 mm nozzle, about 2 bar spray pressure) moist, not wet. Do not brush away the surplus. Thin repeated spraying results in a particularly uniform stain pattern.

Spraying with brushing:

Preferably applicable to coarse-grained hardwoods and softwoods such as oak, ash, maple, mahogany.

  • In one go, spray full with a cup gun (1.5 - 2.0 mm nozzle, 2 bar spray pressure). Leave stain surplus for 1-2 minutes and then brush cross then lengthwise to the wood grain with a broad application brush. Wipe brush regularly into a cloth to remove the absorbed stain surplus. The result is a rustic stain pattern.

Application with a brush:

Apply stain evenly, richly and quickly from one edge to the other with a flat stain brush first lengthwise, then cross and again lengthwise to the wood grain. Leave stain surplus 1 - 2 minutes and then paint over with a broad application brush lengthwise to the wood grain. Wipe brush regularly into a cloth to remove the absorbed stain surplus.

Drying times:

Recoatable: 5-6 hours.

Setup recommendations:

Wood surfaces treated with OLI-AQUA STAIN EASY MIX can be painted over after 5-6 hours with all OLI-AQUA water-based paints and OLI-CRYL solvent-based paints. OLI-AQUA water-based paints should mainly be sprayed and not applied with roll and brush processing methods because, otherwise, water stains might refloat and thus the colour will be smudged.

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