OLI-AQUA MODU B 18.35 I One-/two-component colour lacquer

Water-based 1c/2c paint for coloured furniture surfaces.

  •     1K / 2K colored laqcuer for the colored wood and furniture coating
  •     Highly lightfast color pigments
  •     Excellent grain accentuation and opacity
  •     Very stable
  •     As a 1K varnish for normal use
  •     As 2K varnish for high stressed surfaces, resistant to metal rings
  •     EU Decopaint compliant
OLI-AQUA MODU B 18.35 I One-/two-component colour lacquer

The product


OLI-AQUA MODU B 18.35 | 1K / 2K Colour Lacquer is a modern and fast drying water-based Lacquer for the colored coating of furniture surfaces. It is characterized by its very good grain accentuation, abrasion resistance and light fastness. Optionally the MODU B can be processed with Hardener 13.5 (ratio 10:1). Due the addition of the hardener the chemical and mechanical strength increases significantly so that a clearcoat coating is not neccessary.


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RAL, Sikkens, NCS, custom-made colours


10, 2.5, 1 litre

  • EU – Decopaint Directive
  • DIN 71-3 (safety of toys)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat proof)
  • DIN 68861 T1 B, C (resistance to chemicals)
  • DIN 4102 / B1 (flame retardant)
  • Free of formaldehyde and aromatic compounds
  • Free of NMP, NEP and APEO

Surface preparation: 

  • Graded wood sanding with grit 180/240. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens.
  • The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.
  • OLI-AQUA filler white, 150-250 g/sqm.
  • Woods rich in resin and active substances such as pine or tropical woods (limba, teak, wenge) should preferably be insulated with OLI-AQUA MODU M 2c with hardener 13.5 (at a ratio of 10:1) before overcoating. This also applies to MDF edges and profiles, to minimize wood swelling in conditions of high humidity.

Setup recommendations: 


  • Intermediate sanding with grit 240/320/400
  • Apply the material with approx. 120 g/sqm
  • After 2-3 h drying: top coat with OLI-AQUA MODU M 18.30 I 1c / 2c approx. 80 g/sqm without intermediate sanding



Colors:Nach RAL, Sikkens, NCS, Sonderfarbtöne möglich

Nach RAL, Sikkens, NCS, Sonderfarbtöne möglich

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