Please take a seat on Prosa!

Please take a seat on Prosa!

Unique oak furniture treated with »OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil«


The furniture manufacturer »morizzholz« builds unique furniture with a claim to art and sustainability. The casual wooden bench »Prosa« is the heart of their latest collection. It is made of native oak and naturally oiled with »OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil«.

With great passion Mario Scholz creates unique wooden furniture in his small workshop »morizzholz«. His designs combine modern forms with traditional craftsmanship. The latest product is a wooden bench called »Prosa«, which received a lot of attention at the »Chemnitz Designer Festival« 2018. The reduced as well as casual seating furniture made of oiled oak offers individual design possibilities. For example, the backrests of the newly-conceived chaise longue idea can be moved and removed completely - depending on which seating position you prefer. The model »Prosa« is available as a bench and as a chair with one or two armrests. It is made of »one piece« lengthwise so that the wood grain runs from the seat to the armrests. The surface is either sanded or brushed and naturally oiled with »OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil«.

Please take a seat on Prosa!

The furniture is made exclusively from solid oak wood from local forests and sustainable forestry in accordance with traditional craftsmanship. Each bench is unmistakably unique - the grain pattern of the wood is a composition of nature. The liveliness of the natural material is beautifully emphasized by the »OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil«. Thus the wood is naturally protected, particularly easy to clean and repair. The seating furniture »Prosa« is a new interpretation of the chaise longues, which does not allow any curves. Our grandparents would probably imagine something different under a chaise longue, but after a »prova« they would not want to miss »Prosa« as much as we do.

Please take a seat on Prosa!


morizzholz - Mario Scholz
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