Whoever treats parquet flooring in a property as well as stairs with »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« will soon be able to do that in many trendy tones. The optional »OLI-NATURA HS Hardener« thereby ensures faster curing within 24 hours.

The »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« in design-oriented range of colors finishes wood surfaces in premium quality. No matter whether for ship floors, planks or design staircases - whether in private, commercial or public area. It combines the best properties of natural oils and waxes and creates with only one application highly-resistant wood surfaces, that creates a healthy-living environment, are easy to clean and repair. Moreover, it is very efficient with a coverage of up to 50 m² per litre. In addition to the proven colourless finish, there are eleven discreet colours ranging from polar white via Alaska grey to basalt black, which emphasize the natural charm of the wood. Once applied convince the oils not only visually and haptically, but also with breathable and moisture-regulating properties. When speed matters, the »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« can be processed with the »OLI-NATURA HS Hardener«. This further increases the resistance to chemicals and reduces curing-time of the oil, so that the surface can be used again within a day. This pays off especially in public buildings, offices, hotels or schools, where the loss of use must be kept as low as possible.



The »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« is made from natural, vegetable oils and waxes. The special oils penetrate deeply into the wood and thus ensure a high degree of cross-linking and a high elasticity. The wax stays on the surface and creates an additional protection against dirt-adhesion and aggressive liquids. The wooden surface feels warm and velvet-soft. The transparent oil provides the wood with a colour-deepening appearance, and the wooden texture comes to the fore in a beautiful manner. The coloured finishes, on the other hand, bring the colour to the wood. The transparent colouring keeps giving the original appearance of the wood. In addition, the light-stable colour-pigments prevent early bleaching of the wooden surface. The coloured »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oils« can be mixed amongst each other in any combination enabling to create individual colours.



The »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« can be applied in one operation at approx. 20-40 g / m² with the roll or the oil brush. In order to achieve a hundred percent wood saturation, the oil-wax combination should be intensively buffed into the wood with a beige pad by hand or with a buffing machine. If the »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« is used with the »OLI-NATURA HS Hardener«, the chemical resistance clearly increases again. In addition, the hardener reduces the curing-time of the oil to 24 hours, so that the floor or the stairs can be fully load-bearing again within one day. The »OLI-NATURA HS Hardener« can be mixed just before use with the »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« in a ratio of 10:1. After such a basic treatment, the floor or stair does not need a maintenance immediately. Regardless of whether the »HS Hard Wax Oil« was applied with or without hardener.



The »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« is a natural product that cures with the assistance of the oxygen contained in the air. The drying process is recognizable by the characteristic oil odour. Either it is „love at the first scent“ or you wrinkle your nose. However, the odour is completely safe and disappears when the oil has been cured. Regardless of whether the »HS Hard Wax Oil« was applied with or without hardener, in a colourless or coloured finish - the wood keeps breathing, it is permeable to vapor and can absorb and release moisture from the air. This ensures an excellent indoor climate, has a positive impact on the well-being of the people. The »OLI-NATURA HS 1c/2c Hard Wax Oil« is creating a healthy-living environment in every respect. It contains neither biocidal agents nor preservatives and is made without cobalt and oxime. The cured material is safe for humans, animals and plants. It complies with DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys), DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration) and is a building product approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).



Wooden surfaces treated with »OLI-NATURA HS 1c / 2c Hardwax Oil« do not only look great, they also feel fantastic. Only a few care measures are sufficient to maintain the wooden floor or the wooden staircase in a permanently beautiful condition. A coordinated care concept ensures a long service life and the sustainability of the surface. For cleaning, we recommend regular vacuuming or sweeping with a soft broom. The occasional wet cleaning with »OLI-NATURA wood soap« ensures fast cleanliness. With »OLI-NATURA wood care wax« the wood is constantly re-freshed. It forms an easy-care surface film, compensates for slight damages, is antistatic and therefore attracts little dust. In addition, the hard-wax oil-treated surface can be reworked easily. The damage, for example a scratch, can be partially sanded and oiled.

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For the treatment of wood floors, which require speed, the processor can now also process the "OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil" and the solvent-free OLI-NATURA Hardener additive in addition to the "OLI-NATURA HS Hard Wax Oil". The wooden floor treated in this way is fully cured within one day.

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