Naturally allergy friendly!

Naturally allergy friendly!

OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil receives the ECARF seal


The "OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil" from Oli Lacke is the first oil/wax combination on the market to receive the ECARF seal. This quality seal distinguishes the oil as a respiratory allergy-friendly product. In addition, it significantly improves the room climate thanks to its permeability properties.

Allergies make life difficult. More and more, people are looking for allergy-friendly and natural products. The "OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil" for wood interiors is the first hard wax oil on the market to have been awarded the quality-tested ECARF seal. This demonstrates its high allergy-friendliness for respiratory allergies. Oli Lacke GmbH produces the oil from modified vegetable oils and waxes such as soybean oil and refined carnauba wax, de-aromatised hydrocarbons, and lead-free and cobalt-free dry materials. This means the use of potentially allergenic substances such as preservatives, formaldehyde, aromatics, biocides, cobalt salts, and oximes can be avoided.

Application study

The ECARF quality seal is awarded to products that contain no or critical ingredients only under strict thresholds and have shown in a scientific application study that they are tolerated by people with respiratory allergies. Awarding the ECARF quality seal for allergy-friendly products is subject to fulfilling strict criteria. The manufacturers must disclose all raw materials and recipes in order to be certified. In a subsequent clinical trial, the product must be compatible with use by people with asthma. If a person does not experience a deterioration of their physical condition within a defined period of time, the product is considered to be compatible with people with sensitive respiratory tracts.


The "OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil" is an oxidative drying oil/wax combination. This means that in combination with air oxygen it dries to form an open-pore and breathable surface film. Due to the permeability property, the treated wood can absorb moisture from the room air and release it into the air if necessary. This improves the room climate noticeably and increases the well-being of people. At the same time, the hardened material is resistant to saliva and sweat and safe for humans, animals, and plants.


"OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil" is extremely light and versatile to work with. It protects almost all types of wood in the interior – whether it's furniture, stairs or hallway, whether oak, pine or beech. It can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or spray gun in one or two work steps depending on the application. Even with a single application, the material achieves good wood saturation and an even surface, which has a slightly shinier effect without polishing. The wood has a noticeably natural, matte surface due to the careful padding in the wet phase. The hard-wax oil is deeply massaged into the wood. "OLI-NATURA hard-wax oil" is impressive in the stain resistance test with excellent resistance to household chemicals and liquids. In addition, the hard-wax-treated surface can be easily reworked, in contrast to painted surfaces. The area concerned can be partially sanded and oiled. The result subtly emphasises the natural wood colour and gives the surface a silky feel. 

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