Fire resistant, stacking resistant and beautiful

Fire resistant, stacking resistant and beautiful

OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10 | 1C-Multi-layer Coating


International tenders increasingly call for the use of fire resistant coatings on wooden interior fittings by the furniture industry as well as joiners and carpenters. This is why Oli Lacke has had their water-based "OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10 I 1K Multilayer Lacquer" certified according to the DIN EN 13501-1 (fire resistant) European standard. The self-crosslinking clear coating is the latest generation of water-based coatings and it visually enhances and intensifies the colour of the wood, creates an elegant pore pattern and has good transparency. It allows the use of less coating which leads to quick drying times and fast, block-free packing, thus ensuring a shorter throughput time.

The self-crosslinking "OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10 I 1K Multilayer Lacquer" is the ideal solution for the serial and industrial coating of furniture, chair, tables and other wooden interior fittings. New high-performance raw materials based on a special acrylic dispersion enable a formulation that equips the spray coating with particularly block-resistant and full-bodied properties. It also dries extremely quickly and can therefore be sanded sooner. 1K Clear Lacquer meets the high standards of "MÖBELFAKTA Cat. 2" of the IOS-MAT-0066 R4 specification from IKEA and is now certified according to the European test standard EN 13501-1 (flame-resistant). This avoids the problem of the wooden elements conforming to fire protection regulations, but then no longer fulfilling these requirements after they have been coated by the processor.


The aqueous 1K Clear Lacquer is based on the latest high-performance acrylate dispersions and offers the processor numerous advantages as well as excellent value for money. This includes, for example, its excellent stacking capability that guarantees block-resistant "stacking" for the coated item. At the same time, the clear coating has optimum spreading properties and excellent stability. After a quick "splash" on sharp edges, even vertical surfaces can be coated without it running.  This system allows difficult areas such as furniture frames to be coated. The 1K water-based coating is also practical: No mixing or stirring needed. So there are no problems with its pot life. The unused portion of the water-based coating can easily be used again at a later date, which is not the case for 2K PUR coatings.


The thixotropic water-based coating "OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10" can be manually applied in two spraying courses using all handheld devices such as mixing guns with cups, airless and air mixing guns. It flows thinly when sprayed so that it creates a uniform film. Then its viscosity increases swiftly and it doesn't run, even at perpendicular edges. It dries just as quickly. In general, it is better to coat twice with a thin layer than once too thickly. Therefore the primer coat should be applied quickly at a rate of 100 g/m² in order to minimise the chance of placing fibres and to avoid the outer layer of wood swelling up, which can easily occur. In order to optimise through-hardening, the coating can be applied in conjunction with existing drying systems such as infrared drying and microwave drying or it can be force dried.


Furniture surfaces must look perfect, be robust and feel good. Consumers also expect their furniture and interior finishes to be produced in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. The "OLI-AQUA PRO M 18.10" meets all of these requirements and is one of the best modern, water-based coatings in terms of surface quality and light resistance. The coated surface is extremely durable and is impressive thanks to the enhancement and intensification of the colour of the wood, the creation of an elegant pore pattern and its good transparency. The coating system can be applied to many types of wood or veneered surfaces. Microfoams don’t dull the surface even with dark or stained woods.


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