OLI-CRYL 25.60 2 Component Raw Wood Effect-Laquer

Solvent- and pu/acrylic resin-based 2c clear coat producing a natural raw wood look on furniture surfaces subject to intensive wear

  • 2-component raw wood effect varnish for spray-painting of dull matt wood and furniture surfaces, solvent-based
  • Dries like raw wood
  • Produces smooth, resistant and lightfast surfaces with good grip
  • Optics and haptics are reminiscent of freshly sanded untreated wood
  • Low tendency to gleam
OLI-CRYL 25.60 2 Component Raw Wood Effect-Laquer

The product

Solvent- and acrylic based two-component priming and finishing lacquer for demanding furniture coatings with a deep matt raw wood effect. The surfaces gain a look like sanded, untreated wood due to the lacquer’s very low grain intensifying effect. Still, the product meets highest standards in terms of wear resistance. Owing to its high transparency, it can equally be applied to dark and stained wood types, and also as fast drying and easily sandable primer under OLI-CRYL 25.50 | 2c clear coat for optical brightening. OLI-CRYL 25.60 is to be used with our standard hardener 11.4 (at a ratio of 10:1).

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  • Testing standards
  • Application description



30, 10 litre

  • DIN EN 71-3 (heavy metals)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat proof)
  • DIN 68861-1B (resistance to chemicals)
  • hand cream resistant
  • Free of APEO
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • DINP-free

Surface preparation: 

  • The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.
  • Graded wood sanding with grit 150/180. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens.

Setup recommendations: 

  • Apply a priming coat of OLI-CRYL 25.60 with approx. 100-120 g/sqm.
  • After 2 h drying, intermediate sanding with grit 240/280/320.
  • Top coat of OLI-CRYL 25.60 with approx. 100-120 g/sqm.


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Solvent- and acrylic resin-based 2c clear coat for furniture surfaces subject to intensive wear.

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