OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40 I 2C-raw wood effect lacquer

Ultra-matt water-based 2C-primer and topcoat for raw wood effect paintworks in the entire furniture and interior design

  • Water-based 2C-PU raw wood effect lacquer for spraying furniture and staircase surfaces
  • The original colour stays of the wood as in the raw state
  • Ultramatt optics - gloss level below 5%.
  • Very good sandability, fullness and resistance
  • Resistant to many hand creams
  • Good standing on vertical surfaces
OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40 I 2C-raw wood effect lacquer

The product

The new lacquer for spraying "OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40 I 2K raw wood effect lacquer" creates extraordinary raw wood effects with a supermatt appearance. It can be used as a primer and topcoat in a wide range of interior finishing and furniture construction applications: When using the 2-component raw wood effect lacquer on light wood, the original colour of the substrate remains almost unchanged. The lacque produces an amazing gloss level of less than 5 gloss. The treated surface looks as if it consists of untreated, freshly sawn wood. Nevertheless, the wood is reliably protected. The "OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40" can be easily applied with the cup spray gun or airless/ airmix gun. The "OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40" is also suitable as a supermatt topcoat for the "OLI-AQUA" coloured lacquers and convinces with its excellent ring strength.

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  • Order notes
  • Testing standards
  • Application description

Ultramatt / Raw wood effect (A04643)


10, 5 litre


OLI-AQUA hardener 13.2 (ratio 20:1) (A00731)


2 coats with with approx. 100 g/m²

  • EU – Decopaint Directive
  • DIN 71-3 (safety of toys)
  • DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat proof)
  • DIN 68861 T1 C (resistance to chemicals)
  • DIN 68861 T1 B (selected media)
  • Free of formaldehyde and aromatic compounds
  • Free of NMP and NEP

Surface preparation: 

Graded wood sanding with grit 150/180. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens. The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.  OLI-AQUA NORDIC is intensively mixed with OLI-AQUA Hardener 13.2 shortly before use in a mixing ratio of 20:1. The hardener causes a significant increase in viscosity at spray level. Allow to stand for 10 minutes before further processing. If necessary, add up to 5 % tap water when using the cup gun. The pot life is 3 hours. Do not pour back excess material.


Application methods: 


Cup spray gun

Spray pressure: 2.0-3.5 bar

Nozzle size: 1.8-2.0 mm

Water addition: when required

Viscosity: Ready to use


Airless / Airmix   

Spray pressure: 90-110 bar

Nozzle size: 0,23-0,28 mm

Water addition: -

Viscosity: Ready to use


Drying time

Dust-dry: 40 min

Sandable: approx. 2.5 h

Stackable: 16 h


Setup recommendations: 

  • Prime coat with approx. 100 g/m²
  • After 2.5 h drying, intermediate sanding with grit 240
  • ETop coat with approx. 100 g/m² 
OLI-AQUA NORDIC 18.40 I 2C-raw wood effect lacquer


The coating complies with the requirements of EN 71-3 (safety of children's toys) and DIN 53160 (fastness to saliva and perspiration) and is resistant to chemicals in accordance with DIN 68 861, T1 B, C and many commercially available hand creams.

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