Protects and dyes wood with only one application

Protects and dyes wood with only one application

OLI NATURA HS 1K/2K Hard Wax Oil


Whoever treats property parquet and stairs with "OLI-NATURA HS 1K/2K Hard Wax Oil" will soon be able to do that in many trendy shades. The optional "OLI-NATURA HS Curing Agent" thereby ensures faster curing within 24 hours.

"OLI-NATURA HS 1k/2K Hard Wax Oil" is currently only available in "natural", which intensifies the colour depth and grain of the wood. In the spring of 2018, eleven design-oriented trendy shades from polar white to smoke grey will also bring colour to the wood. Their pigments retain the structural form of the wood and therefore lend the desired colour to the surface. The HS Hard Wax Oil has a high solid content of almost 100% and produces highly resistant wood surfaces with only one oil application for high-use objects, which are easy to maintain and easy to repair. In addition, it is very efficient with a coverage of up to 50 m² per litre. Optionally, the HS Hard Wax Oil can be worked up with the "OLI-NATURA HS Curing Agent". As a result, the resistance to chemicals further increases and curing is significantly accelerated. After such a two-component treatment, the oiled wooden floor or the staircase will be fully usable again within 24 hours at optimum humidity and room temperature. This is especially useful for objects located in schools or hotels for which speed is necessary to keep loss of use as low as possible. 

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