The new »OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil«


Light woods such as spruce, pine, or oak are preferred in Scandinavian-style interior design. The Nordic design comes into its own when the surface is ‚invisibly‘ oiled and the wood looks natural and untreated. The new „OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ natural wood effect follows this trend.

Scandinavian-style interior design is one of the most popular design trends of 2018. It offers a discreet, refreshing lightness. This design embraces a clean and uncluttered look. Light wood is laid not only on the floor, but is also used to make stairs and furniture cosy. Major value is placed on an honest approach with natural materials. Wood can remain wood and should feel as it looks: pure and natural! Our new water-based oil with raw wood effect, „OLI-NATURA-Scandic Oil“ is inspired by the Scandinavian style. It combines natural appearance with surface protection in a unique way and leaves wood appearing untreated and freshly sanded. „With ‚OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil‘, we deliberately chose an oil over a varnish because it harmoniously combines solid wood and good craftsmanship,“ says Götz Schubert, managing director of Oli Lacke. „It has been developed for people who like the ‚pure wood‘ feeling and want to have a healthy living space.“


The new oil with raw wood effect for the environmentally-friendly protective treatment of light woods is characterised by a particularly natural look and feel. No matter whether on furniture, stairs or hallway, whether oak, pine or spruce. It makes the surface appear like raw wood. An innovative combination of vegetable oils in aqueous emulsion prevents the wood becoming grainier and ensures the highest quality and longevity. The wood looks amazingly natural, the oil providing the surface with elegance and understatement of a pure nature. The velvet matte surface creates a unique feel of its own with a special charm. It is robust as well as protected by being water and dirt repellent. Whether in children‘s rooms, bedrooms or living rooms - the „OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ is at home in all living areas. It does not contain any solvents and is therefore particularly environmentally-friendly. It can be applied easily and mechanically with two coats and dries quickly, so that a surface treatment is possible within one day. It does not tear, peel or flake as well as being just as easy to clean as to repair. 


„OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ harmonises design and health concerns for everyday living. It uses harmless raw materials such as vegetable oils, which are purified in a complex process. It is solvent-free and is produced without cobalt-containing compounds and oximes. In addition, the hydro-oil has a very mild odour and produces vapour-permeable surfaces, which create optimal conditions for an excellent ambience. As the wood can continue to breathe, it can absorb moisture and release it again. In addition, the dried coating is harmless to humans, animals and plants, corresponds to DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys) as well as DIN 53160 (resistance to saliva and perspiration) and is a construction product certified by the German Institute of Construction (DIBt) . Thanks to the intelligent formula, the oil-soaked rags, pads or brush do not have a tendency to self-ignite.


The new „OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ is easy to handle and can be used anywhere in the living space on untreated, new or sanded wood. With only two coats, you can achieve a durable surface protection, which maintains the original wood colour shade. It is applied with approx. 60-80 g / m² per coat to the finely sanded and clean wooden surface with a roller, an oil applicator or a brush. After about ten to twenty minutes following application, the application is massaged into the wood with a white pad by hand or with a buffing machine in the wet phase, until the surface appears evenly matt. The wet oil remaining on the surface is simply removed with a lint-free cloth. After only two hours, this process can be repeated so that a basic treatment is possible within one day. Depending on the humidity and temperature, the surface is dust-dry after one hour, can be walked on cautiously after two hours and fully cured after three to five days.


A wood surface treated with „OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ feels pleasant and visually is a real jewel. To keep it beautiful over a long time, it is advisable to treat and freshen the floor, stairs or furniture with a special wood care product. A harmonised care concept ensures a long lifetime and the sustainability of the surface. Regular wiping with „OLI-NATURA Wood Soap“ ensures rapid cleanliness and re-oiling. The wood can be refreshed again and again with „OLI-NATURA Wood- Refresher“. It renews the protective effect and ensures a water-repellent surface, without changing the colour shade of the wood. In addition, it nourishes and cares for the wood and creates an anti-static surface, so that little dust is attracted. Worn locations on floors or stairs treated with „OLI-NATURA Scandic-Oil“ can be partially sanded and re-oiled without having to re-treat the entire area. The „OLI-NATURA Wood-Refresher“ is odourless as well as solvent-free and is characterised by high environmental sustainability.

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