Good bye DOMOTEX Asia!

Good bye DOMOTEX Asia!

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On 28 March 2019, the flooring fair closed its doors at which we presented ourselves together with our Chinese partner. Please read our short trade fair and travel report.

"After weeks of preparation, the time had finally come: On 22 March, my plane took off for Shanghai. As a representative of OLI LACKE, I was able to present our company at DOMOTEX Asia from 26 to 28 March 2019. One week of a lively 24 million metropolis and three exhibition days were waiting for me. But the joy of the visit was not the only thing that made me count sheep the night before the flight. Rather, it was our trade fair samples that had been stuck in customs for several weeks. Now I had to take a second set with me and somehow get through the control. But it worked without any problems. Our Chinese partner, Mr. Wenwang Zhan, was waiting for me at the airport. As general importer for OLI LACKE, Mr. Wenwang Zhan distributes our products on the Asian flooring market for over three years. Previously, he was sales manager for China at a Swedish paint manufacturer.

Good bye DOMOTEX Asia!

It's hard to believe that 25 years ago Shanghai consisted of swamp. Here the highest buildings of the Far East rise into the sky. My first destination was "Waitan", the promenade along the Huangpi River, right in the heart of the metropolis. Here my breath faltered. The view was breathtaking on its own, because on the other side of the river lies the newly created district of Pudong. The skyscrapers seem to line up on an island and at nightfall countless lights provide a fascinating backdrop. In reality it looks even more impressive than on the photo. The lively promenade along the river and the brightly lit skyscrapers form an impressive scene in the evening. But Shanghai not only has a modern skyline, there are also traditional residential areas and Chinese shops that have been able to defy the rapid changes.

Good bye DOMOTEX Asia!
Good bye DOMOTEX Asia!

Taking part in the trade fair brings me back to my everyday work and to the modern "SNIEC" trade fair centre. Around 90 trade fairs take place here every year. One of the numerous trade fairs is DOMOTEX Asia. Over three days more than 60,000 visitors from all over the world streamed into the exhibition halls. The Nordic design of our exhibition stand also proved its attraction. Our brand new raw wood effect parquet seal "OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC", which virtually "invisibly" protects the wood, attracted particular attention. Again and again visitors kept the sample surface at eye level and let the light of the neon tubes dance over the wood in search of the lacquer film. Even our Chinese partner, Mr. Wenwang Zhan, with whom we presented ourselves together, considered the lacquered surface to be untreated. Mr. Wenwang Zhan has exclusive business contacts to architects and contractors who work for premium brands. For example, the wooden floor of the boutique of the luxury label "Hermès" on the West Lake promenade in Hangzhou was recently resealed by Shanghai Meige Build & Deco Project Co. Ltd. with our parquet seal "OLI-AQUA TOP 51.20".

DOMOTEX Asia in Shanghai ended on 28 March 2019. Arriving at home, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous visitors to the stand on behalf of OLI LACKE GmbH. We could welcome prospective customers from all over the world at our stand, among others Dubai, Indonesia, Peru and India. We were particularly impressed by the seriousness of many discussions as well as the expertise of many visitors who approached us with concrete inquiries. We consider our goal to make the brands OLI LACKE and OLI NATURA better known to a broad specialist audience in China more than fulfilled".


Björn Bloch-Kohlsdorf

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